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The most illuminated Christmas house in Versilia

The magical "Santa Claus House", nestled in the hills of Capezzano Monte, a hamlet of Pietrasanta - In Versilia it is now a fundamental stage of the Christmas holidays.

A private idea of the Rada family, which every year illuminates their home with a thousand colors, creating a splendid attraction completely visible from the street, which attracts hundreds of visitors.

Gate, doors and windows, completely full of lights, colored reindeer, decorated trees, stars, not to mention the entire garden, of which every square meter is meticulously covered by lights.

Outside there is a fully illuminated letterbox addressed to Santa Claus full of sweets for the children, in which you can deposit your wish letter.

The initiative was born from the idea of a grandfather to make Christmas special and magical for his grandchildren, and every year the lights and decorations are more and more, creating a show without borders.

The enterprise, not just, starts from the end of August and requires total dedication, only to leave the visitors incredulous.


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