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Valsora Quarry - White Marble Quarry with Bio-Lake

Located in Passo del Vestito locality of the municipality of Massa, in the heart of the Apuan Alps, Bianco Apuano marble is extracted from this quarry.

For the location of the Quarry from Google Maps: CLICK HERE

What makes the Valsora Quarry special?

A fantastic mountain landscape surrounds the quarry, easily reachable from the car park starting from the path lasting about 15 minutes, but the main attraction is the bio-lake with green water that reflects the marble wall of the quarry, hidden inside.

But is the path suitable for everyone?

The path is very simple as well as short, and can be accessed by non-experts, and can also be followed by children, under the supervision of adults.

After a few minutes from the beginning of the path you will find yourself in front of a wooden bridge, which will lead you to the heart of the quarry.

The bio-lake of the Valsora Quarry is also the home of the Apuan Alpine Newt, a beautiful and rare species of newt that has decided to make its home there.

How much is admission?

The ticket for the Valsora Quarry can be purchased on site, directly from the van in the quarry car park, and costs 8 Euros. The truck also sells sandwiches and sodas.


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