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Mount Prana

Mount Prana (also called Mount Prano), is 1221 meters high and is the southernmost mountain of the Apuan Alps. It dominates the Camaiore basin with its massive bulk and separates it from the Rio Pedogna valley to the east.

The summit can be reached via the Metato, via the C.A.I 104 path, or via Casoli, via the C.A.I 112 path, and then through the C.A.I 104 path.

Along the path we can admire wonderful and evocative landscapes, only to be surprised by a unique spectacle that offers the crest of the mountain, on the road to the summit: a fascinating glimpse towards the village of Camaiore, Versilia and its sea.

The summit is barren and slender and is characterized by the presence of a high cross erected in 1968, its northern slopes are tormented by evident karst phenomena.

The view is splendid on the coast, on the islands of the archipelago and on the central Apuan Alps, from Altissimo to Corchia and Panie, and on the southern ones and on the Apennines and the mountains of Lucca and Pisa.

In summer, the small valley leading to the top is full of flowering thistles and pollinating bumblebees that can be easily photographed.



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