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The Vagli Lake and the Careggine Factories: the Ghost Town

Vagli: a heavenly oasis immersed in the green of the Apuan Alps, in the municipality of Vagli Sotto, surrounded by an artificially created lake.

In fact, it was born following the construction of a current dam on the Edron stream and of a further dam for hydroelectric purposes, begun in 1941.

The construction was suspended due to the war, and was finally completed in 1947, when the dam first reached 65 meters and finally 95 meters.

With the rising of the water level, the lake ended up completely hiding the villages of Pantano, Piari and the Careggine Factories.

For maintenance reasons, the lake is periodically drained and the Careggine Factories re-emerge, the ghost town built in 1270 in medieval times.

The town was once populated by a community of blacksmiths from Brescia, who used the iron from Mount Tambura.

It is said that when the lake dries up and the city re-emerges, its old inhabitants return to their homes.

The lake was last drained in 1994, and will be drained again in 2021.

Among the many activities that Vagli offers, from visiting the town, full of restaurants where you can taste local specialties, exploring the countryside and renting a rowboat to visit the lake, Vagli also includes the famous Suspended Bridge, which offers a splendid view of the lake and the village of Vagli.

And the adventures do not end here, for the bravest, inside the Vagli Park it is possible to do the Flight of the Angel, a 1500 m long zipline, located at 350 m high, with which you will fly over the lake and the country.

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