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The Gramolazzo Lake, The Sea in the Mountains

For nature and adventure lovers

Lake Gramolazzo, immersed in the Apuan Alps, is located in the town of the same name in the municipality of Minucciano. The origins of this lake date back to the second half of the 20th century, it was artificially created together with the famous Lake of Vagli. It has both the Serchio di Gramolazzo river as its emissary and its tributary, and boasts an area of ​​one square kilometer and a volume of 3.8 million cubic meters.

On the lake there are several tourist facilities, including camping, a hotel and some restaurants. During the summer months, bathing is in fact possible, near some sandy beaches on the shores of the lake. It is also possible to rent small boats, pedal boats, kayaks, electric bikes and SUPs at the camping facilities.

The destination is appreciated by lovers of trekking and outdoor sports, thanks to the long promenade that surrounds it. In addition, motorcyclists organize the “National Motorcycle Rally of the Garfagnana Lakes” there every year.

Among the activities preferred by tourists we also have fishing, organizing picnics and tasting typical products of the Garfagnana.


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