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Monte Croce and the flowering of daffodils

In May, Monte Croce turns white thanks to the flowering of daffodils, which cover the entire crest of the mountain, generating a unique spectacle.

Monte Croce, with its height of 1314 meters, is part of the Apuan Alps and can be reached from the Municipality of Stazzema, following the sequence of CAI 5 bis (new 120) - CAI 6 - CAI 8 - CAI 108 paths.

The path lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the top of the mountain, where we find the historic Cross, and is of unique beauty for the entire duration of the path.

During the journey, totally immersed in nature, we find the B&B Casa Giorgini, where it is possible to stay overnight, eat excellent tordelli with a variety of desserts, have an aperitif and even hear a dog sing. Climbing towards the summit we find different varieties of landscape: from the clearing surrounded by flowers of all kinds, to the stream, to the "forest" surrounded by tall trees, to waterfalls immersed in a rocky wall.


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