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Compagnia della Vela

The Compagnia della Vela of Forte dei Marmi, located on Viale Italico 1a, next to the pier, has been active in the area since 1922; its prestigious image was an integral and substantial part of the myth of Forte dei Marmi and the frequentation of important and famous personalities had led it to be known even beyond the country and regional borders.

We still feel we are a fundamental part of the sporting and cultural life of Forte dei Marmi and in the spirit of associations we try to integrate with the other historical and characteristic realities of the country, to make it alive and attractive 365 days a year.

Our efforts are aimed at making the Compagnia della Vela return a point of reference for the young people of Forte dei Marmi and at preserving the very soul of this country, eager to rediscover the roots of its identity in the sea and on the sea.

All these aspects are also of great interest to our visitors, and every year at the beginning of the summer we are happy and proud to find our kids who come back from various Italian cities to vent their desire for sport, healthy competition and life here. on the sea.

The Board of Directors

President: Lorenzo Barberi

Vice-president: Athos Maggi

Secretary: Rodolfo Trombella

Treasurer Cashier: Massimo Lucchesi

Sporting Director: Emiliano Vanalesta

Directors: Cristiano D'Argliano, Alberto Mattugini, Andrea Pampaloni, Riccardo Salvini

The instructors

Chiara Talini (Level II IVF Instructor)

Davide Puccinelli (Level I IVF Instructor)

Emiliano Vanalesta (IVF Instructor Student)

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