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Carrara Bier Fest

The historic "September Fest" Beer Festival in Marina di Carrara becomes Carrara Bier Fest with the direct management of IMM / CarraraFiere.

The annual appointment therefore does not change, from 24 August to 7 September we will meet in front of a good mug of Nordbräu beer, strictly from Ingolstadt. FREE admission!

Every year, the largest and most important beer festival in pure German style is held in the Marina di Carrara exhibition complex. It is a Bavarian team that, in collaboration with Italians, is responsible for animating the event. It is a cultural exchange that the two twin cities, Carrara and Ingolstadt, have had since 1962.

1) Bavarian specialties and entertainment

During the event, together with the typical Bavarian foods the shin, the pretzels, the strictly Teutonic sausages, it is possible to taste 3 qualities of Nordbräu beer:

  • - The Blonde;

  • - The Dark;

  • - The Weizen (callled the Turbid).

The beer, as by now tradition, arrives very fresh with a special tank truck, to keep it at the ideal temperature.

Obviously there is no shortage of orchestras that have as their repertoire the typical music of the popular festivals of Bavaria, traditional ballets that involve the participation of the public and that present typical dances and the "Jodler" of the famous Felix Faschingbauer who will return to sing on stage the beauty of the girls of Carrara paying homage to them with its best warbling.

2) All Fair

You can enjoy the varied proposals of Tutti in Fiera, 31st edition: the large TC&T market exhibition with proposals for over 40 product sectors.

3) Luna Park

The inevitable Luna Park, for an evening of all-round fun and for all tastes.

The twinning then extends to a Scottish town, Kirkaldy, which participates with its bagpipers. And to end the evening with beer, Bavarian food, music and folkloric and soft ballets, you can buy truly original souvenirs.

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