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The Museum of Satire and Caricature of Forte dei Marmi

The Museum of the Fort for Satire and Caricature, which is located in the Fort of Leopoldo I (also known as Fortino), collecting the legacy of the Political Satire Award, has become the center of the conservation, collection and study of all materials concerning the history of world satire and caricature.

The museum heritage consists of original, contemporary and past drawings, a library with over 2500 volumes of the sector and many satirical publications from the 1800s and 1900s, a video library and a multimedia archive. According to an annual calendar, the Museum promotes cycles of contemporary and past satire exhibitions.

Since 1973, every year, in September, the "Città di Forte dei Marmi" Foundation with the contribution and patronage of the Municipality, the Region of Tuscany and the Provincial Administration of Lucca continues to organize the Political Satire Award. This event, known internationally as evidenced by the participation of authors such as David Levine, Jules Feiffer, Garry Trudeau, Gore Vidal, Ralph Steadman, Pancho, awards prizes for the journalism, literature, graphics and entertainment sections.


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