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The fair of Sant'Ermete, patron saint of Forte dei Marmi


from the CORTEO STORICO on August 26th at 9.30pm, to FOCATA on August 27th at 9.30pm, up to the key day, August 28th with the FAIR and at 10.00pm the PIROTECNICO SHOW.

From this year, the popular event loved by fortemarmines and tourists will be embellished with its logo, in line with the project of the new Forte dei Marmi brand.

The usual celebrations of Sant'Ermete, patron saint of Forte dei Marmi arrive in the last days of August, which every year involves the town and its guests in the expected events: from the historical procession of 26, to the "Focata" of 27 evening, to the traditional fair market of 28, the celebratory day of the Saint, which culminates in the fireworks display.

The days of celebration begin on August 26 at 9:30 pm from Piazza Dante, seat of the Town Hall, from where, after the greetings of the authorities to the participants, the historical religious procession of Sant'Ermete will start, formed by the representatives of various brotherhoods and associations of the territory, band and folk groups.

The procession will carry in procession the wooden half-bust containing the relic of Sant’Ermete up to the church dedicated to him and, for the veneration of the faithful, the relic will remain on display here until 28 August. Folklore and band groups will perform in various areas of the city center.

The next day, Tuesday 27 August at 9:30 pm, appointment with the traditional "Focata", a reference point for the patron's celebrations.

Traditionally it was the inhabitants who brought old wooden materials that were stacked on Piazza Garibaldi, and then burned as a rite of thanksgiving celebration for the Patron Saint. Currently, the event takes place safely and with adequate surveillance by the police, but the Focata continues to maintain its meaning, recalling the atmosphere and memory of the past. At the end, the traditional Bingo will be held in the square.

August 28 is dedicated to Sant’Ermete, with the setting up and holding of the fair for the whole day, in the city center. In the squares and streets there will be numerous stalls of clothing, accessories and objects that will offer their most varied goods, including ethnic ones. There are many possibilities to eat typical Tuscan sweet and savory products and to buy sweets and local and Italian specialties. A mix of colors, scents and sounds that will culminate at 22.00 with the fireworks display at the pier visible from the beach and from many points in the town and its surroundings.



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